Conversations with Grace will be an ongoing series of conversations hosted by Nate Sheppard with the goal of exploring the Bible, faith and culture in a communal way that allows us to grow deeper in relationship with God and each other.


The first round of conversations are designed to explore key Biblical concepts and how they might be different than what culture (or even the church at times) believes.


These conversations will take place at church and on Zoom every other Tuesday night from 7pm to 9pm.


April 6 — Body and Soul

How should we think of our bodies? Is the flesh evil? What is a soul? We’ll look at a few key passages that help us reframe our understanding of these concepts.


April 20 — What on earth is Heaven?

What does it mean to “go to heaven when we die?” What even is heaven? And how does it relate to our experience on earth? We’ll look at these concepts from a Biblical perspective and challenge some assumptions many Christians make.