Leadership Growth Process


We have a four-step leadership growth process to get people to move from a follower of Jesus to a location Pastor or Ministry Leader.  

  1. Membership

  2. Mentorship

  3. Team Leadership

  4. Location Leadership

Our main leadership goal is to be a movement that doesn’t just produce disciples but that we would make disciples that make disciples. As with most things disciple making is fluid and not linear. However, here is our attempt to put some steps in place to help guide our movement.
We would like every person that calls our church home to desire to obtain at minimum the third step of this leadership training process.     

Membership (Step One)

Membership means you have come into agreement with the vision, mission, and values of the church and want to see the church grow as we continue to reach new people and teach followers of Christ.


Membership at any of the partnering locations of the Northwoods Network churches gives you the opportunity to serve in leadership in a greater way and gives you a vote in major decisions according to our Foursquare Bylaws. Therefore, it is important that members of the church meet certain minimum requirements, so that together we can move forward in line with God’s heart and the mission He has given us.

The minimum requirements:

In your spiritual life:

  • Have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior

  • Have been water baptized by immersion

  • Practice meaningful and regular spiritual disciplines.

In your basic biblical foundational understanding (these are done in groups onsite)

  • Completed the membership class (bylaws and doctrine)

  • Completed book one of Enjoying Your Journey with God

  • Completed Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

  • Completed Financial Peace University

In your church missional commitment (six month minimum for following)

  • Have regularly attended weekend services

  • Active part of a Connect Group

  • Regularly served in an area of ministry either in or out of the church

  • Have sacrificially given offerings to the church

  • Agree with the Foursquare Church doctrinal statements

  • Desire to share in the responsibility of our Northwoods Network churches by praying for its growth, actively inviting the unchurched to attend and welcoming all who attend or visit.


Mentorship (Step Two)

After someone fulfills the membership requirements we desire they start a one on one or group mentorship relationship. Mentorship means a person is in a meaningful discipleship relationship where the mentee is progressing towards leading a ministry volunteer group, Connect Group, missions team, young believers group and/or a community service team.  Each mentorship relationship is unique based on the amount of time available, level of previous experience, expertise of the mentor and the desires of the individual. The objective of this step is to progress the person towards taking ownership for another’s spiritual. Connect groups can be the main mode of these mentor relationships.

Someone that desires to obtain a Foursquare Ministerial licensure or is a Bible College/ELN Intern is also in need of a mentoring relationship and will be given a more broad picture of the church and its ministries. For licensure it can be expected that these relationships last a minimum of a couple years before completion. For interns it is our desire to have at least two summers for the young leader to get a healthy understanding of our environment and ministry model. Interns do not have to be full members but still most have the qualities of a member.


Team Leadership (Step Three)

This stage of leadership is all about actually being responsible for a ministry group or a specific believers discipleship process. Continued training will be given to team leaders from other team leaders, staff members, conferences, books, or special gatherings.


Location Leadership (Step Four)

This is the stage where not everyone will obtain but we desire that all have the qualities to get to this level.  The main role that this fulfills is someone that desires to be a campus parish pastor, church planter, or have a full level ministry role at one of our locations.  

The most important role that must be filled at each of the locations is that of the Campus Pastor. The Campus Pastor must be a high capacity leader as they will be overseeing and implementing many aspects of that particular church's life. Spirit maturity with a high level of growth in areas of emotional health, financial stewardship, family relationships, and love for the church of Jesus. Because the campus pastor is the key transmitter of the churches DNA they must be sold out to the passion, motto, values, goals and partnership model of Grace Foursquare Church Northwoods Network.