Lead : A study in 1 Timothy

Series Topics & Audio 

Week 1- Intro and General Background 1:1-3

This week we will work through an introduction on leadership by focusing on the leadership of Adam, Moses, Jesus then Paul. Then look at the relationship between Paul and Timothy.









Week One : Barron - Chad Halverson
Week One : Rhinelander - Joseph Fehlen
Week Two : Barron - Chad Holverson

Week 2- Paul’s submission to the process 1:3-17

This week will focus on Paul’s story, his background and his dynamic process of becoming a leader in the church.

Week Two : Rhinelander - Dustin Black

Week 3 – Timothy’s Life and process 1:18-20

This week we will focus on Timothy’s back story, talk about some of the challenges he faced and holding onto your identity in the midst of those challenges.​

Week Three : Barron - Chad Halverson
Week Three : Rhinelander - Joseph Fehlen

Week 4 – Jesus Centerpiece 2:1-7

This week we will focus on the reality of understanding leadership in light of who and what Jesus is.  He truly is the essential relationship in our leadership process.​


Week Four : Barron - Chad Halverson
Week Four : Rhinelander - Joseph Fehlen

Week 5 – Unity in the Church 2:8-15

This week we will navigate through Paul’s view of gender roles and ultimately unity in church.​

Week Five : Barron - Joseph Fehlen
Week Five : Rhinelander - Christy Fehlen

Week 6 – Women in Leadership 2:12                     

This week we will answer the question about women in ministry.

Week 6 : Rhinelander - Dustin Black
Week Six : Barron - Chad Halverson

Week 7 – The Role of Elder 3:1-16, 5:17-25

This week we will press into the role of spiritual eldership in our locations.

Week Seven : Barron - Chad Halverson
Week Seven : Rhinelander - Joseph Fehlen

Week 8 – Stay the Course 4:1-16                          

This week we will talk about intentionally maintaining your focus while others might not want you to succeed. 

Week Eight : Barron - Chad Halverson
Week Eight : Rhinelander - Joseph Fehlen

Week 9 – Generational Leadership 4:12-5:16

This week we will look at how the church should relate intergenerationally with one another

Week Nine : Barron - Chad Halverson
Week Nine : Rhinelander - Christy Fehlen

Reading Plan

Series Summary


Through the course of this year we have walked through a series called Rebuild, where we studied the books of Nehemiah & Acts. We have been challenged with the Famous Last Words of Jesus and we have been encouraged to live our life on God’s Mission in our Bless series. And just a few weeks ago we ended our FlipFlop series, being pushed to live out the teachings of Jesus.


All of those series really have a meandering consistent thread.


It is the thread of leadership.


God called Ezra and Nehemiah to lead a rebuild of Jerusalem and restore worship.  God called the apostles and the early church to lead a new movement that reached across the entire civilized world. Of course, Jesus takes the lead for us, and we see that through his famous last words.  We are called to lead as blessers in the world around us.


And as we learned in our Flip Flop series, following the leader, Jesus, leads us into living out Kingdom purpose here in the Northwoods. And as we get good at following Jesus and submitting to the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives…something happens…we begin to lead.


In this series we’ll discover that leading is not just overseeing, directing or supervisor.  Biblical leadership always brings people into new life.  God designed leadership to draw out or transition people from where they are to where he wants them to be.  And leadership is simply that, seeing people in your sphere of influence, being the conduit of Christ, and bringing them into the next level of maturity.


Some of you are aware of that already in your life, some of you maybe not so much. We are all invited into that same process of leadership, by God. Our vision is to build a church in the Northwoods of healthy leaders for community transformation. And that really starts with a simple concept. God wants us all to lead, every one of us, every single day, every where.


God uses people…not just amazing people, but regular ordinary people like you and me, to do amazing things


And He makes no distinction between clergy and laity. That’s man’s design. God’s calling for you to lead is as strong as it is for me. He has just given us different spheres of influence.

And recognizing your role as a leader in your arena of leadership is an essential key to understanding your own leadership calling.

Week 10 – “Run From…” 6:1-11

This week we will be challenged to lead by running from distractions and divisions.

Week Ten : Barron - David Smith
Week Ten : Rhinelander - Chad Halverson

Week 11 – “Run To…” 6:11-21

This week will learn to lead by running to righteousness and faith​

Week Eleven : Barron - Chad Halverson
Week Eleven - Dustin Black