Northwoods Network

Partnership and Expansion

Our passion is to have a network of partnership in the Northwoods of Wisconsin & Upper Peninsula working together as one church in multiple locations to proclaim a unified message that is relevant to each location. This is why we desire to plant a network of churches and not just plant churches. The distinctive for us will be in this partnership of multiple locations, services and leaders working together.

In our context we can't send out a team to a small community and say, "Here is some money and people, good luck!" We cannot send pastors out into the loneliness of these rural communities by themselves. There must be a consolidation of vision, resources, and support.  With this model we do not rely on the rare, multi-talented pastor that can do everything.

Our network partners rely on each other to accomplish a goal for the whole team. We are not a network that only share ideas, resources or best practices but we are intrinsically dependent on each other to fulfill the individual ministries that we are called to in our locations.

As a network we will share everything we are doing with partner locations, however there are some things that will be unique in each location. We pray that this uniqueness will allow each parish to be conduits of Christ's love, acceptance and forgiveness. It is our true desire that each pastor and leadership team can connect with, disciple, and transform their community. We believe this model will save time, money, and the emotional toil that leaders feel when they begin a new work.

We encourage anyone interested in partnering with us to prayerfully consider contacting on of our network leaders.  ​